Writing services include:

  • Copy writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Articles, blogs, books, news stories, newsletters, press releases, Web content

You have a story to tell or your life’s experience to share, but you’re not a writer.

In a book, we can help you share your experience, insight and wisdom with the world.

A book is also a great way to promote your business or put yourself forth as an expert in your field.

First, we discuss what you want to communicate in your book and how. Then we sit down for a series of taped interviews in person or over the phone. Those interviews are transcribed and then shaped into a book. We can also write creative chapter titles and captions for your photographs, graphics or artwork.

We don’t have to stop there, of course. We can design the interior book block for you, design a cover and even recommend a good printing company when you’re ready to self-publish, or you can publish directly with us.