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PEOPLE PRACTICS: 17 Practical Tactics for Business & Nonprofit Success

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About People Practics: What are “practics”? It’s a new term coined by the book’s editor as a combination of the words “practical” and “tactics.”

What are “people practics”? Simply put, they are practical tactics to be used for effectively working with people in your business or nonprofit.

People Practics covers everything from employee motivation to teamwork to conflict resolution to best practices in leadership to improving organizational culture to strategic planning and process improvement to organizational research and data collection to marketing, and more.

These practical tips come from 13 members of a graduate cohort who were often required to work as a team as they earned doctorates in organizational psychology. The aim is to pass on useful knowledge about how to make organizations work better. But this information doesn’t only come from what the cohort learned in grad school. It’s also based on what they know from years of experience as business and nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, and consultants.

The content is primarily based on business experience, business sense, and common sense, and it’s meant to be readable to the average businessperson, business owner, and business or nonprofit leader.

It’s intended to be user-friendly—the kind of business book that you pick up looking for great advice for how to make your business or nonprofit more effective, easier to run, and, ultimately, successful. It’s a plus that these ideas are fully backed by really great research.

The 13 contributing authors are Bennett Annan, PsyD, EdD, MBA, MS, MA, LMFT; Margaret Easter, PsyD; Melanie Gharapetian, PsyD; Greg Hilsenrath, PsyD; Raffi Islikaplan, PsyD; Deborah A. Jackson, PsyD; Sherman L. Mitchell, II, PsyD, MAIOP, MPA; Jamie Menendez-Adamski, PsyD, MA; Ramila Naziri, PsyD; Alice Nkore, PsyD, MBA; Brandy Reid, PsyD, LMFT; Shari Scott, PsyD, MA; and Kristyl J. L. Smith, PsyD.