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About the owner

Denise Wurm started Accent on Words in 1983 after working in two different business settings. She attended Santa Clara University, graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree. As an English major, she designed a course of study that combined her career interests with a liberal arts education, including research in linguistics, theories of modern grammar, and the research contributions of cognitive psychology and document design to improving the readability and comprehension of text.

Denise has been an enthusiastic student of the English language for many years and understands and advocates the importance of clear writing. Her primary business goal is to assist individuals and organizations in producing documents that are clearly and precisely written and are designed to be easily read. Typical projects include theses, dissertations, textbooks, workbooks, employee handbooks, procedure manuals, self-help books, and family histories.

Believing in the importance of contributing to society in general and especially to her local community, Denise has provided volunteer services for several nonprofit organizations. Her volunteer activities have included teaching high school literature and composition courses, reviewing grants for United Way, developing an employee handbook for a nonprofit organization, editing and laying out monthly newsletters for nonprofit organizations, assisting in a middle-school organic-gardening project, and participating in a weekly feeding program for the homeless.

Denise is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society, and Phi Beta Kappa.

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What clients are saying...

"You are a terrific person, Denise, and very professional in how you have worked with me! Thank you for being so attentive to me and my thesis." - Ron Youngdale, Pastor, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

"You are a professional, gracious woman, and it was my pleasure to work with you and get to know you. Thank you for all of your help." - Karen, masters student


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